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No… Say Bush and congress to low-income children in need of health insurance. Congress voted Thursday in an effort to override the President’s October 3rd veto of the bipartisan State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) bill previously passed by both houses of congress. The bill was intended to “extend and improve the Children’s Health Insurance Program”(1) already in place and proposed to fund this with a cigarette and cigar tax increase of over 100% .

This issue is much more complex than it seems on the surface. It is not simply ‘discouraging unhealthy habits and increasing health coverage for low-income children.’ Among many other things, it’s a socio-economic status issue. It’s been argued that such a tax would be a “poor tax” since the majority of cigarette consumers are of lower class. The argument goes something like, ‘you would be taking money away from low-income workers to fund health insurance for their children.’

That doesn’t sound quite as noble. Sure, low-income children deserve health care, but if you take money from their parents to pay for it, they might not have the resources to avoid the need for such care. It’s hard to speculate because there are so many other variables, many probably stronger than this, that would affect the situation. Just something to think about.


October 20, 2007 - Posted by | Bills, George W. Bush

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