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Kurdistan Workers Party: Not Much to Party About

Later today, the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) will announce a unilateral cease-fire following a PKK attack on a Turkish unit Sunday:

[Iraqi President] Talabani has been meeting with leaders in Iraq’s Kurdistan region to quell tensions with Turkey after PKK rebels ambushed a Turkish infantry unit early Sunday and killed at least 12 soldiers.” (1)


“Turkish forces retaliated to Sunday’s attack by killing 34 PKK fighters, according to a statement on an official government Web site.” (1)

The Turkish people seem pretty outraged at this act and they’re definitely not just putting up with this. One last thing, this sounds like someone I know…

‘If a neighboring country is providing a safe haven for terrorism … we have rights under international law and we will use those rights and we don’t have to get permission from anybody’ said [Prime Minister of Turkey] Erdogan.” (1)

Looks like President Bush has set a dangerous precedent. Of course, recognize this threat may arguable be much more immanent than in Bush’s context but it’s still fundamentally an issue of region stability.


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