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Military Contractor Oversignt in sight?

A panel led by Assistant Secretary of State Patrick Kennedy recommended today the creation of a “central command center” for private security contractors such as Blackwater. Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice said that these recommendations,

Point a very good way forward, and I intend to act on them expeditiously.” (1)

Because I’m somewhat of a language geek, I feel the need the point out the extreme awkwardness I feel when reading this sentence, not for any critical reason, just because I find it amusing. The reason for my awkwardness is, I believe, the juxtaposition of “a very good way forward” and “expeditiously.” It just seems like this sentence was said by someone who’s not particularly familiar with the subtle implications of words in the english language. Anyway, that’s beside the point and is in no way any sort of substantial criticism.

This sounds like a very good idea to me and it seems like we probably should have thought of this much earlier. I guess an argument can be formed that there shouldn’t be any oversight because it goes against our capitalistic ideals, but in reality, we’re really not a capitalistic society in the sense of pure capitalism; there is a lot of regulation and government oversight. From most perspectives (and I suppose I should qualify: within our societal context) outside of strict capitalistic economic theory, there well should be too.

In any case, like any program this can be executed well, poorly, or anywhere in between.


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