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Valerie Plame Wilson: Iran Opinion (Video)

Valerie Plame Wilson was on Countdown (external video link) with Keith Olbermann tonight weighing in on the current situation with Iran and their nuclear ambitions, as well as how the media covered the leak of her name.

Olbermann: “You’ve dealt with intelligence, you’ve dealt with Iran […] what are the questions that we should be asking that haven’t been asked yet about this topic?”

Wilson: “There’s no doubt that there’s malevolent intent on behalf of Iran, that they are seeking nuclear weapons; there’s no question about that. But we are a great country and I believe that as a great country we can afford to speak to everyone, even our enemies, and the idea of not using every single tool that we have available to us, primarily diplomacy, is unfortunate. And obviously our international credibility, moral authority, has been severely eroded in the debacle in Iraq.” (1)

Plame on surviving the Washington spy game
Valerie Plame Wislon discusses Iran and the leak of her name (Click for external video link)


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