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White House Press Release: Facts out of Context.

I’ve heard many times from countless people that the Bush Administration purposely skews facts or participates in similar practices. I’ve even seen some examples of this, but for some reason this one really got to me. Perhaps part of it was the title, “Just the Facts”seems like a headline a news network would have for a spin story.

The main issue I have with this is not that there are factual or statistical errors, which there may or may not be–for the purpose of this article, it’s safe to give them the benefit of the doubt. In this news story there are quite a few misrepresentations that look to use the ignorance of the general public with respect to poverty.

They make the argument that

Congress’ SCHIP bill would strongly encourage States to provide government health coverage for children in families making 300% of the Federal poverty level.“(1)

This is likely because the Poverty Level Guidelines are completely unrealistic in terms of sustainability of household and family. On the lower end (1 person per family) the poverty level is $10,210 per year. On the upper end (8 people per family) the poverty level is $34,570 per year. How exactly is a family of eight people supposed to survive on a little more than $34,570 per year?

The White House press release does not put into context it’s claim about children in families making 300% of the Federal poverty level because it does not specify what family size they are referring to and family size is a HUGE factor in this determination. Pretty much all of the arguments made in this press release are invalid because of this ridiculously low Federal poverty level. However, take into consideration that they are talking about 300% of the poverty level. Does this mean that they should be able to afford health care on top of “vital” expenses?

I’m not saying the poverty guidelines should be raised or lowered, I’m just adding context to the White House’s “Just the Facts” press release…And of course adding a bit of my own opinion but I don’t care if you read my opinion or not. Read the release and poverty level worksheet and consider it for yourself.


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