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That Whole Iran Thing…

There has been A LOT of buildup from the Bush Administration in the past week regarding Iran and their nuclear activity and already, I have covered a decent amount of it. Here is a list of additional stories for those of you more interested in what’s going on. These are all from ABC because they had a particularly well organized related article library and for no other reason. Recognize that these stories are all from one source and therefore are more likely to be one-sided so keep that in mind while you’re reading them. If you want confirmation on any specific stories, let me know and I’ll get on it.

White House Requests “Bunker Buster” bombs (speculative article)

U.S. Military Opens Camp on Iranian Border

Ahmadinejad: U.S. will not attack Iran based on math and God

After 27 Years, U.S. and Iran talk

Columbia U. President: Ahmadinejad Speech ‘Extremely Important’

So, there it is.


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