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FEMA Reclaims Its Image?

By Theo O’Brien

The Federal Emergency Management Agency finally received positive attention from the media in a press conference on Tuesday regarding the wildfires in southern California; the only problem is that the independent reporters asking deputy director Harvey E. Johnson questions were actually FEMA employees.

Federal Emergency Management Agency‘s No. 2 official apologized yesterday for leading a staged news conference Tuesday in which FEMA employees posed as reporters while real reporters listened on a telephone conference line and were barred from asking questions.

I am not sure what the consequences of this clearly unethical act will be but homeland security chief Michael Chertoff was less than subtle about his feelings on the matter:

I think it was one of the dumbest and most inappropriate things I’ve seen since I’ve been in government.” (1)

John Philbin, one of the FEMA “reporters”, resigned from his position as director of external affairs to take a more fitting job as head of public affairs at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.


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