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Jon Stewart: Doug Feith Interview

This is Jon Stewart’s interview with Doug Feith, the former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy for President Bush.

On somewhat of a serious note, I think this interview THE perfect example of the role of the media. Stewart clearly has his opinions, acknowledges them, and makes the goal of the discussion to “bridge the gap,” as he says.

Most importantly, he holds Feith accountable for what he says which, in my opinion, should be the chief role of the interviewer/host and doesn’t let him get away with deception or honest misunderstandings. It’s too bad we have to look to a show on Comedy Central for this kind of quality interviewing.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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President Bush’s Wedding Statement

I was just browsing through the White House’s press releases and found this rather absurd little statement from President Bush:

“This Mother’s Day weekend was awfully special for Laura and me. Our little girl, Jenna, married a really good guy, Henry Hager. The wedding was spectacular. It’s just — it’s all we could have hoped for. The weather cooperated nicely; just as the vows were exchanged the sun set over our lake and it was just a special day and a wonderful day and we’re mighty blessed.

Anyway, thank you all.”

This is no real point of criticism, but it just strikes me as a bit odd that the President would write something in the voice he might use in a MySpace message to address the American public. This statement is especially absurd in juxtaposition with such official content as the signing statement for H.R. 4986 as they were posted in the same space and in the same manner, presumably implying the same weight…

“Mother’s Day is a special time for mothers all across America.”

What would we do without Bush’s impressively perceptive explanations of difficult concepts?

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