The Deaf Claque

Because they’re worth clapping for…probably…


Hello, hello! You’ve somehow come across the political blog of Nathan Schmitt. My purpose here is many-fold:

1. I intend to hopefully raise awareness about contemporary political/governmental issues (though it is not limited to those areas).

2. I intend to act as a resource for those who are interested not only in the news story itself, but the original source of the story, and more importantly, the original source of official documents such as laws, bills, the US Constitution (when relevant), etc…

3. I intend to include a moderate amount of mixed media, much of which will be videos clips of everything from C-SPAN, to The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, to Fox News.

4. I do not endorse or deny any of the ideas, politicians, laws, news networks, TV shows, etc… that I write about unless explicitly stated.

5. I intend to make and reserve the right to make sarcastic or otherwise possibly offensive (though I will avoid being directly offensive, because that’s just pointless) commentary on the stories I post.

6. I expect you, the reader, not to take my opinions too seriously and I expect you, the reader, to think for yourself when forming your opinions on such matters.

So, there it is. I encourage you to send me links to news articles/media that you find that you think I might find interesting and it’s a distinct possibility that they will be posted (with due credit given). Send any referrals to my “infoblog” address: NsGuitar1[at]


  1. Nathan,

    Got your blog address off a post in Facebook. I wrote a reply on Facebook, but I liked you blog enough that I established a link to it from my own site. To see the link, go to

    Your listing is under the “Policy and Research” subtitle.

    Keep up the good work, and it looks like a lot of work….



    Comment by Rob McGregor | October 28, 2007 | Reply

  2. 🙂

    Comment by | March 7, 2008 | Reply

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