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Hate Begets Hate: A White House Story

By Nathan Schmitt

White House Press Secretary Dana Perino issued this statement today:

This morning President Bush called President Karzai of Afghanistan to express his deepest sympathies regarding the horrendous suicide bombing in Baglan province yesterday. The cold blooded killers targeted innocent schoolchildren and lawmakers who were there to celebrate the opening of a new sugar factory.

The President said that the murderous act reminds all of us about the brutality of the enemy we are facing. He said that their hearts are filled with evil and they only see with hate. The President told President Karzai that America cares deeply about the Afghan people and he urged him to remain strong.” (1)

This is a sensitive subject to touch on, and although I think they need to, I understand why the mainstream news media don’t cover it. This being said, I think the statement speaks for itself for the most part. I would just like to look briefly at one of the statements.

He said that their hearts are filled with evil and they only see with hate.” (1)

Now, I’d like to make it extremely clear that I’m not diminishing the horrible acts of terrorism or justifying terrorists in ANY sense. There is, however, a limit of rationality in judging such people. Such a claim as Bush’s presents a myriad of philosophical problems from fundamental human nature (“their hearts are filled with evil”) to subjectivity with regard to separation of individual personalities–that is to say, the independent existence of conscious personalities that make it impossible for the self to know the true intentions of the other.

It doesn’t take anything beyond rudimentary philosophical analysis to see that this claim by Bush is anything but legitimate. Perhaps his intentions are good, but his words are certainly not fair, no matter who they’re directed towards.

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