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This is an odd post…Ann Coulter…? (Video)

I came across a compilation of Ann Coulter quotes a few moments ago and my immediate reaction was “Wow…I have to post these.” After further considering this for, at the most, 20 seconds I thought “Wow…No I don’t.” The news media LOVES Ann Coulter for reasons obvious enough. From one perspective she is a ridiculous source of absurd hilarity. From another she is a passionate, mainstream representative for those who share her beliefs. From yet another she embodies all that is Entertainment, therefore putting her in the center of the public eye from time to time.

Regardless of which one of these you may subscribe to (or if you subscribe to another unique perspective), there’s no denying that she is a media monkey. I use the term not to degrade or insult her at all; the monkeys are handpicked with equal consideration from both the news media and the news media consumers.

My “Wow…No I don’t” reaction came the little dude in my head that wants me not to participate in partisan media hackery, but after careful deliberation (of about 30 seconds) I decided that my posting of this doesn’t count. It’s a good collection of “Coulter Quotes” all of which are cited (but not hyperlinked).

My qualifying disclaimer is this: all of the quotes here are out of context; I post them only for entertainment for those of you who already have some experience with her (which, I think it’s fair to assume, is the vast majority of people who bother to look at obscure blogs such as this). Do not try to use them as any sort of substantive support unless you research them further.

I understand that Ann Coulter is not real news and I don’t plan to run much on her in the future.

That being said…THESE ARE HILARIOUS!

Supplemental video:

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