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Ron Suskind’s Interview on NPR

Tonight OPB aired an interview with Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Ron Suskind whose new book, The Way of the World, came out this past Tuesday, August 8th. In it, he puts forward harsh allegations against the Bush Administration based on credible sources–the most important of which are on the record–with respect to misleading the American people on the path to war.

The interview follows. Click here then click on the “Listen now” button on the top of NPR’s page.

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Dennis Kucinich: Dick Cheney Impeachment Resolution (Video)

By Nathan Schmitt

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Yesterday, Ohio Representative Dennis Kucinich presented the House with a resolution for the impeachment of Vice President Dick Cheney (Video above). House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (Democrat) immediately moved to table the resolution, but the motion was shot down by a vote of 251-162, more than half of the votes against tabling were Republican. A summary:

House Democrats on Tuesday narrowly managed to avert a bruising debate on a proposal to impeach Dick Cheney after Republicans, in a surprise maneuver, voted in favor of taking up the measure.

Republicans, changing course midway through a vote, tried to force Democrats into a debate on the resolution sponsored by longshot presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich.” (1)


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said “impeachment is off the table” and Congress is focused on responsibly getting U.S. troops out of Iraq, covering 10 million uninsured children and meeting national priorities long neglected by the Bush administration, said her spokesman Nadeam Elshami.” (1)

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UPDATED:”…Like Déjà Vu All Over Again” (Video)

By Theo O’Brien

Today, in a joint press conference, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson announced new sanctions against Iran. The sanctions specifically target two Iranian military groups and essentially prevent any United States citizen or private organization from participating in any financial transactions with numerous Iranian banks and citizens accused of supporting terrorism.

Rice accused Iran of ‘pursuing nuclear technologies that can lead to a nuclear weapon; building dangerous ballistic missiles; supporting Shia militants in Iraq and terrorists in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and the Palestinian territories; and denying the existence of a fellow member of the United Nations, threatening to wipe Israel off the map.’

‘Many of the Iranian regime’s most destabilizing policies are carried out by two of its agencies: the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, or the IRGC, and the Quds force, an arm of the IRGC,’ she said.” (1)


These new sanctions are especially troubling when coupled with the harsh rhetoric the Bush administration has recently adopted toward Iran. Tensions between the United States have continued to mount after Vice President Cheney’s reference to Iran as “…a terror-supporting state” with the chief goal of securing a nuclear weapon. (2)

Am I the only one who feels as if I have seen these tactics before? The threat of nuclear weapons, linking a nation with terrorism and harsh sanctions seems oddly familiar. of course, this is all speculation and maybe the similarities are merely coincidental and I’m just reaching. And maybe I’m just having a bad episode of déjà vu.

UPDATE: Here is the video of the announcement: -Nathan Schmitt

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Valerie Plame Wilson: A Spy Talks (Videos)

Last night Valerie Wilson was interviewed by Catie Couric on 60 Minutes, telling her story for the first time since her name was released.

Part 1

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Part 2

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This is the CBS story of the interview. In it she what really happened from her perspective, expresses her surprise and disapointment with the Bush Administration (Cheney’s office in particular), and shows remorse for taking advantage of the media spotlight. It’s not my place to make an opinionated judgment of factuality here so I won’t; I’m not qualified anyway.

The Wilson’s filed a civil suit against Dick Cheney, “Scotter” Libby, Karl Rove, and other officials regarding the leak of her name and classified CIA status. The suit was dismissed Judge John D. Bates on jurisdictional grounds and the Wilson’s have appealed the dismissal. Please note that I do not encourage or discourage my readers to participate in the Wilson’s fund, I only link to the site because it is original, official source.

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Cheney: “Iran out of ideas…lets just use the Iraq template again.”

This new development with respect to Iran reminds me of something I’ve seen before. I vaguely recall the Bush Administration saying something about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction…like…a million times. It went something like this,

Our country, and the entire international community, cannot stand by as a terror-supporting state fulfills its grandest ambitions” (1)

Not exactly. That quote was Vice President Dick Cheney earlier tonight referring to Iran.

Cheney’s words seemed to only escalate the U.S. rhetoric against Iran over the past several days, including President Bush’s warning that a nuclear Iran could lead to World War III.” (1)

What happened to the good old days when rhetoric was creative and original? At least they’re avoiding “WMD” terminology, that would just be insulting.

The complete lack of thought that went into the spokeswoman’s statement is hilarious:

“‘I’ve told people that if you’re interested in avoiding World War III, it seems like you ought to be interested in preventing [Iran] from having the knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon,’ Bush said.

“Bush’s spokeswoman later said the president was not making any war plans but rather ‘a rhetorical point.'” (1)

A “rhetorical point?” What? I don’t even know what to say to that. The threat of World War III goes just a little bit past the line as far as “rhetorical points” are concerned. Regardless of whether Bush intended it or not, this is a textbook scare-line. I’m not playing to partisan passions or saying Bush is actively and consciously trying to deceive the American public. Regardless of who it is, from Obama to Vladimir Putin, warning of World War III is a scare tactic.

I don’t know if Iran has WMD’s or not because that’s not a judgment I’m qualified to make. Therefore, I don’t. The recycled rhetoric kills me almost as much as the recycled policy, but not quite.

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President’s Signing Statement: Torture

Crooks and Liars just posted a story on Frontline’s “Cheney’s Law,” and I thought I should provide some extra context. First, the relevant Title of the bill that Bush signed into law on December 30, 2005

In text of H.R. 2863:

Title X: Matters Relating to Detainees – Detainee Treatment Act of 2005 – (Sec. 1002) Prohibits any person in the custody or effective control of DOD, or under detention in a DOD facility, from being subject to any treatment or technique of interrogation not authorized and listed in the U.S. Army Field Manual on Intelligence Interrogation. (1)

The President released a signing statement with the signing of this bill, effectively saying that even though he signed it, he may disregard it is he sees fit. He supports this by claiming it is a matter of executive power and by claiming Title X to be unconstitutional. The relevant section of the signing statement:

“The executive branch shall construe Title X…in a manner consistent with the constitutional authority of the President to supervise the unitary executive branch and as Commander in Chief and consistent with the constitutional limitations on the judicial power” (2)

Nowhere is it enumerated that the President may ignore laws that he deems unconstitutional, nor is there any precedent set to this end. The Judiciary only has this power because of Marbury v. Madison, not as a result of any enumeration of policy in the U.S. Constitution.

The purpose of this post was simply to add original source context to C&L’s post, not to make any specific point (though I did submit my 2 cents).

Cheney’s Law” is a special story that examine’s Dick Cheney’s relationship with and view of Executive Branch powers. Here is the video clip that is relevant to the bill I was just talking about.

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Obama’s a Dickhead

Haha, forgive the vulgar title, I just couldn’t resist my newfound right to exercise cliche media hackery (the web is a medium, after all…). Nothing against Obama, I wouldn’t want to submit to the world of political spin-or do I have a choice?

Anyway, This is an entertaining article. Lynne Cheney, wife of Dick Cheney, announced Monday that her husband is the 8th cousin of Senator Barack Obama.

“This is such an amazing story, that one ancestor, a man that came to Maryland, could be responsible down the family line for lives that have taken such different and varied paths as Dick’s and Barack Obama’s.”

I have no reason to doubt the sincerity or factuality of her statement it just seems like a rather absurd twist. Unexpected, to say the least.

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