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A Healthy GOP?

The Republicans Party is reportedly altering its strategy and taking more into consideration the issue of health care which, it seems, has quickly become an important issue (not that it hasn’t been in the past…). This seems to be coming from many sides and this article seems like a good representative example, though it may not hold too much weight in and of itself. I was surprised when I read this though; I can’t say I disagree but I found his choice of words humorously cynical

“‘When Americans have no ideas and Democrats have bad ideas, Americans will choose bad ideas because Americans will almost always choose something rather than nothing,’ said Bill McInturff, a Republican pollster.” (1)

I’ve never understood why people posit to speak for an entire nation, and it’s a rather bold statement to say that Americans are completely at a loss for ideas with regard to health care. Lets not just pick on McInturff though, the problem (if you see it as such) is a mentality, not any individual person.

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GOP Strategy: Play Tin Man to push over Straw Man

COME ON! What are you thinking??? Here’s the deal:

“Confronting a dire outlook for next year’s elections, House Republicans have begun to fight back with a new three-pronged strategy: painting the new Democratic majority as part of an unpopular Washington status quo, forcing Democrats to make unpopular votes on tough issues and locking arms around a new GOP issues agenda.”(1)

This is just another ridiculous reminder of the flaws in our political system. The House Republicans are using what’s called a “straw man” argument. In essence, a “straw man” argument seeks to make the opponent look weaker so the arguer looks stronger in comparison. This may say a couple of things about our political system (though it’s nothing new):

  1. Genuine discourse with respect to issues of content is valued little, as evidence of this new policy.
  2. It seems as if the House Republicans don’t think that the general population is intelligent enough to recognize this tactic; they certainly haven’t tried to diguise it.

I don’t like/dislike the Republicans any more than the Democrats, but regardless of who’s “side” it is, PLEASE use substantive arguments to support your cause. The Straw Man explicitly endorses irrational discourse and is counterproductive no matter who it’s coming from. Perhaps (and probably, as a matter of fact) it will get you move votes than using substantive grounds and maybe that’s a fatal flaw in the system.

What it comes down to is this: Acting in a group does not waive one’s personal moral/ethical (in a non-religious sense) responsibility to society. “I’m acting through loyalty to the party” or “This is the only way to get votes” are not valid. Regardless of excuses or causes, we are all responsible for our own actions and have to answer to their results in more ways than one.

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