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Murky Blackwater: Blackwater and Tax Evasion?

California Representative and chairman of House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Henry A. Waxman wrote a letter to Eric Prince, owner of Blackwater that can be summed up pretty well with this:

Blackwater may have avoided paying millions of dollars in Social Security, Medicare, unemployment, and related taxes for which it is legally responsible.


“There is also evidence that Blackwater has tried to conceal the IRS ruling and the evasion of taxes from Congress and law enforcement officials.”(1)

This is a serious and weighty accusation. This article is posted on the top of the committee’s main government page in large text and is impossible to miss. It seems like they’re not messing around and definitely aren’t trying to keep it quiet. But hey, even if they do evade taxes at least their business is honest…sorry, couldn’t resist…

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